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This is a very controversial subject, but a conversation worth having in my opinion. What makes having sex on the first date wrong or right? In which circumstances is it ok or not ok? Does gender make a difference? What about the intentions of the date? All good questions, all plays into the decision on having sex or not. I feel like if your an adult consenting to having sex then it shouldn't matter what you do on your first date or not do. Personally i truly feel like its a double standard, men get "props" for doing it on the first date and women get frowned upon. What happened to test driving the car before buying? I mean if you have been engaging in some form of communication before the date began and you feel comfortable enough with taking the date to another level then go for it. It is a fact that sex can make or break any relationship, so why go into something without knowing what the sex is going to be like? Women love to make there partner wait until the time is right, but when is the time right two weeks later, six months later, one year later? After you have invested time and emotion into it? Think about it this way, either i like the sex and we go forward with the partnership turning it into a exclusive thing, or i don't like it and decide that sexually you cannot satisfy my needs and were better off as friends. Either way we eliminated the unknown and dealt with the reality of the situation at hand with no time wasted. Now do not get me wrong there is a big difference between a one night stand and sex on the first date. A one night stand is normally just that, and is something that we for the most part conscientiously knew what we were getting into. The idea for something more, was never really an issue and that's the way it was planned. A one night stand has a history of becoming a mistake later on down the line, and can eventually lead to more but mostly ends there. First date sex can be the beginning of something more, or the end of what could have been. In either situation the act is neither wrong or right, its normal and it happens. It does not make you a bad person or a "hoe" it just makes you human. If you do decide to wait, there is nothing wrong with that either "hold out" for as long as you feel comfortable. At the end of the night the decision should be made on comfortableness not pressure nor "props". And of course practice safe sex no matter what you decide.

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.....I couldn't agree with this anymore than i have done within the last 5 minutes of reading it. Well written!



''Once in a while right in the middle of an ORDINARY life, LOVE gives us a fairytale

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thanks hun. :-)

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i dont think im down with first day sex. ive never done it so i wouldnt know. i would be thinking how many people hs she done this with. but i have also been on a date and almost but we didnt. we started dating for about 2yrs. so im no for sex on the first date



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