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Hello.  I'm Maliyah.  I'm 28 years old and currently reside in Columbus, Ohio although I am from NYC.  I am extremely passionate about the LGBT community and will try my absolute best and hardest to assist in any manner that I can.  If there is something that I can do for you, please do not hesitate to message me, leave a comment or email me directly at teamlesbians@gmail.com.

As for personal information, I am my own person.  I do not conform to what society deems as appropriate.  I love women, I love tattoos and I love piercings.  I love all types of music and I completely immerse myself in writing, music and singing.  I'm very kind, known for wearing my heart on my sleeve but I can be fiesty when the situation calls for it.  I am single and currently do not forsee that situation changing any time soon unfortunately.  I look to be moving to ATL within the next year in an effort to keep pushing the TeamLesbians brand.

I am passionate about connecting to and working with the individuals and organizations in the LGBTQ community.  I offer advice, promotions, articles, interviews, outreach programs , variety of activities and advertising.  Again, if there is anything that I can do for you, please let me know! Thank you!

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Reply JN816
8:06 PM on November 21, 2012 
I'm a FOB translator and follow international politics. If u come across anyone who can't SPREAK ENGRISH, send them my way =D
Reply JN816
5:35 PM on November 20, 2012 
Thank u. I think I will go back to my mobile bubble world now...haha...so tell me what the site have to offer for someone in my field of work...?
Reply JN816
5:31 PM on November 20, 2012 
I'm new to using a PC once again. Bare with me. I do most of my networking via mobile =o
Reply mizarebel
5:16 PM on November 19, 2012 
why thank u, I'm glad to be here!
11:11 PM on October 21, 2012 
Please the honor is all mine. What you are doing with this site is something extraordinary for the Lesbian Community...I thank you!
4:48 PM on October 19, 2012 
Amazing you are! Be Blessed in your journey to expand TeamLesbian all over the world...is my wish to you.
Reply GeekiieFashion
10:26 PM on September 16, 2012 
auntiie i love uu
Reply stud757
10:15 PM on August 20, 2012 
Im majorin in business adm!! n thanks n ok i will
Reply Em
12:57 AM on August 18, 2012 
jerkface???? wow havent heard that in forever!!!lol thank u for invitin me to your page...i think u have done an amazing job wit team lesbians.It great an im proud of all ur work an dedication u have put into it. If i can help out n anyway let me know. xoxo
Reply angelface21
8:30 AM on August 16, 2012 
i must say its an awesome website i'm just having some trouble uploading my pics tho.
Reply DatDamnNene
10:34 PM on August 15, 2012 
Appreciate the welcome :) .. now i got to get a hang of this site.
Reply M. E. Tudor
9:03 AM on August 13, 2012 
Sounds like you are having a rough morning. I hope it gets better. :)
Reply Dominque
10:28 PM on August 10, 2012 
Charlotte is okay not NY but its cool. and thank you for letting me know about the pictures. i joined cause i seen yall tweeting on twitter and i thought it would be cool if i joined since i am gay as hell lol . but it dnt look like nobody be on here like that .
Reply idkhow2say
10:19 PM on August 10, 2012 
Thank u Beautiful.
Reply Brownskinnedbeauty
10:16 AM on August 10, 2012 
Thanks so much for the warm welcome :)
Reply _YurrFuturee
9:32 AM on August 10, 2012 
Thank you sweetie :) & yes , iDo . you can go to http://mysteryxthoughts.wordpress.com/ !
Reply SheBaddBabi_JRe
9:57 PM on August 9, 2012 
Thanks for the welcome! AND YESS! Team Taurus! (:
Reply So_Delicious
4:19 PM on August 7, 2012 
I really want to say that I appreciate all that you are doing !!! This is great and I am looking forward to being apart of this cite.
Reply Lynette
3:54 AM on August 7, 2012 
Thank You 4 the warm welcome! Awesome, have you ever visit Germany? Well, I know I will be visiting the States next year but donīt know where 2 Start yet... (other story)... You have a marvelous Day. SMOOCHA
11:33 PM on August 5, 2012 
hey sexy u know i had 2 kome up her 2 show my love and support job well done