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The latest news making an impact on the LGBT community.

2013: The first time gay rights are mentioned in an inaugural speech (January 21, 2013)

Click to view full story: For the 1st time, gay rights get shoutout in inaugural speech (NBC News)

Today was president Barack Obama's inauguration and though he is known for his beautiful and well thought out speeches, today stood out for the LGBT community. For the first time in history, gay right were pointed out during an inauguration speech.

“Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law. For if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well,”

Although we are still a long way away from equality, today was a major breaking point for our community.  Finally someone in high power isn't afraid to speak on the fact that gay & lesbians should have the same rights available as a straight couple. Click the link above to read the full story!

Protests against gay marriage: Paris (January 13, 2013)

President Francois Hollande will be dealing with the first mass protest in his name and in the name of legalizing same-sex marriage.  A coalition consisting of church-going families, political conservatives, Muslims, evangelicals, and even some homosexuals are expecting to attend the protest against legalizing gay marriage. 
I must say that I was a tad bit caught off guard by the idea that even homosexuals would protests against gay marriage, but to each its own I suppose.  The law is expected to be passed by June 2013 and obviously has a huge number of individuals angered. 
Here is a quote from Virginie Merle that absolutely stunned and disappointed me: "We're all born of a man and a woman, but the law will say the opposite tomorrow," she said last week. "It will say a child is born of a man and a man." If this doesn't prove that ignorance is still alive and well, I'm not sure what will.  Feel free to click the link under the photo above to read the full story!

Say What Fantasia?! January 9, 2013

Click to view full story: Fantasia Barrino backs off allegedly anti-gay comments (LA Times)

"I Rise ABOVE IT ALL!!! THE WORLD IS GONE MAD. KIDS, THE GOVERNMENT THE church House... Everybody Trying!!!!!!!, Its a lot that going on that the Bible speaks about we should Not be doing. Weed legal in some places, Gay Marriage Legal BUT YET IM JUDGED!!! I'm not doing Nothing for you... My Life!!!!"

Hmm I get it.  The pressures that stem from stardom can be a bitch but damn, I'd like to know how gay marriage correlates with drug legalization.  The last I realized, the LGBT community was a great contributor to her mediocre success but it seems like she turned her back on us the minute the going got tough. 

Sure, things happen and people say things that they don't always mean but I'm just not too sure about this one.  One thing I can't stand is someone that makes a comment and once  they get burned, try to backtrack in an attempt to clean it all up.  

At the very least, I'm disappointed.  I think it's safe to say that the community in a whole is disappointed.  There were many situations that Fantasia could have inserted in an effort to make her point, there was no need to blast her major group of supporters along the way.  Tisk tisk Fantasia! Click the link above to read the full story and to form your own opinions.


Brad Pitt & Gay Rights: November 1, 2012

Click to view full story: Brad Pitt Donates $100,000 to HRC's Gay Marriage Campaign  (Huffington) 

 It's no surprise that Brad Pitt has been a visible advocate for gay rights.  It was reported by the Los Angeles times that Brad donated $100,000 to the Human Rights Campaign National Marriage Fund.  Come November 6, same-sex marriage legislation will appear on the ballots in four separate states: Maine, Maryland, Washington, & Minnesota.  

 Brad Pitt was quoted saying " "Every person's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is enshrined in our country's Declaration of Independence, but powerful, well-funded groups are flooding the airwaves with lies trying to take away those rights from certain people...and we can't stand for it."  Really, who cannot support that cause, that everyone should have the same rights?  This is why this election year is extremely important.  With only 5 days left until election day, we have got to come together and make decisions that will better us as a community.  

I lend my love and support to the cause and extend a warm thank you to Brad Pitt, he has never faltered during his fight for equality which is something that we all can and should appreciate!

Mitt Romney: Candidacy & LGBT Issues: October 11, 2012

What does Mitt Romney's possible candidacy mean to you?  If you're someone that enjoys staying up to date on the current events, debates, and politics, you probably have already realized that Mitt Romney's win over President Barack Obama would be disastrous for our community.  For one, throughout the years Mitt Romney has continued to flip flop over gay rights.  One minute Romney supports gay rights and others he argues that he is against them.  Honestly, it seems to me that Romney is willing to have whatever opinion it will take to place him in the presidential office.  In 1994, Mitt Romney reached out to a gay republican group vowing to be a better advocate for gay rights than Ted Kennedy was; however, since this time Mitt Romney has decided that he officially opposes gay marriage.

I personally would urge anyone remotely interested in gay rights and gay marriage to look into these issues prior to voting, ESPECIALLY if they're leaning towards the GOP.  On the other hand, President Barack Obama has repeatedly stepped up in support of gay marriage.  As we all know, there are several factors to consider when choosing which candidate to vote for and this blog could easily be turned into a democratic and republican or economic inequality debate; however, we don't have time for all of that lol.  Lesson to be learned? Research all presidential candidates and their teams prior to voting.  Although every presidential race is important, something tells me that this one will be sure to have a lasting impact.

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